Fishing Season Traversal

Welcome to the first big game project of the guy that brought you The Hooray! - Fishing Season and its sequel, Fishing Season 2! Fishing Season Traversal is a reboot of the series (I mean... technically). The game has been in development for a while, just now entering its level making phase. It's a long road ahead, so I hope people still stay tuned for updates!

The Characters

Nancy Snowblue

Age: 22. Occupation: Courrier (day), Bartender (night). The main protagonist of this story. Nancy was flying the skies, carrying parcels to be delivered. The next moment, the mysterious Witch of the Fowl swoops in and snatches her wings, making her crash-land into the forest below! And so starts Nancy's adventure to traverse the lands by foot, find out exactly who this Witch of the Fowl is, and ultimately get her wings back!


Personality: Quirky punk. Likes: Pranks. A plushie bunny thing that offers to help Nancy recover her wings. His naviation skills as well as his power to telekinetically grab things is sure to come in handy!